Make a difference; take amazing photos with your Pro-Flypod! 

After two years of development, the Pro-Flypod is available and is distinguished from other flying suports  in terms of photographic framing, stability and security improvements.
Functionality :

  • Optimized aerodynamics , which increases stability and allows positioning "more forward" for an exclusive side framing. 

  • Possibility of obtaining a full framing of the paraglider and pilot.

  • Possibility of mounting your Go- Pro in vertical and horizontal alignment as well as the right and left side. 

  • Possibility of adjusting the height of the FlyPod during the flight.

  • The Go-Pro is protected by a polycarbonate fuse which absorb shocks and preserves in a certain way the case and lens from soil abrasions. 

  • Coming soon: possibility to transform your Flypod into a chase -cam by purchasing the upgrade kit , a mini steadycam is also under consideration .....



  • The use of carbon fiber has resulted in an incredibly lightweight support ( about 90 gr load , 255 gr with a Go- Pro without options ) , which limits its influence on the behavior of your paraglider, particularly in cases of a flight incident.

  • The shape and the elimination of protrusions limit the risk of snagging.

  • The initial concept of secure the FlyPod at your harness , eliminates any risk of the support being stuck in the lines and / or collision with an obstacle during your takeoff. In addition, it preserves your Flypod from shocks .

  • Possibility of adjusting the suspension height according to flight conditions. 

  • This equipment has been designed for use in conventional flight in a quiet aerology. It is not suitable for aerobatic flight and speedflying.

After sales service:

In case of loss or breakage of one of the parts, you can order individual parts.

Coming soon:
Possibility of transforming your Flypod in chase-cam by purchasing a upgrade Kit.

A mini steadycam is also being studied based on the material used in Flypod.